What Are Divorce Records?

Any couple can be legally married in any place of their choice and they can also get divorce from where ever they want. All they need to do to initiate the divorce process is to file for divorce in any court house of their choice and a divorce record will be created. It doesn't matter how long it is, whenever any one wants to access the record they will do so. This is because the record, once created, is permanent.
A divorce record is one that shows that a marriage has been legally dissolved. This type of vital record is usually issued by legal bodies. Inside a divorce record, one can expect to see the reasons for the divorce and all the settlement agreements that were mutually agreed on by both parties. The settlement agreements most times bother on issues such as asset splitting, spousal support payments and in cases where there are children from the marriage, child support payments.
Divorce proceedings may differ from state to state, but the following is the major outline in a divorce process:
• A person files a lawsuit for the divorce thereby becoming the petitioner
• In collaboration with a lawyer, the petitioner states his or her demand from the divorce
• The respondent (the husband or wife of the petitioner) is allowed sometime to make a response to the demand of the petitioner
• If after sometime, no response is heard from the respondent, then the petitioner will be granted everything he or she stated in the demands in the initial petition.
• If the respondent however wishes to dispute the divorce or the proposed settlement agreement, then both parties will be expected to go into litigation where they will have to mutually agree on one thing.
• If after the litigation, no settlement is made then the divorce will have to go to trial where a judge will have to make the final decisions.
The above is pretty much what will be obtained from any divorce proceedings. When the final settlement is made, the divorce decree will be created, filed and signed by the judge that presided over the case.
Once these records are created, one can easily access them. The reasons why people look for divorce records include: making sure that someone is legally divorced, verify that someone has never been married and confirm personal relationship problems.
Due to the rapid evolvement of the internet, one can now easily obtain the records without going to these law courts. All the person needs to do is to go to any of the vital records directory and sign up with them.
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